Welcome to Einegroße Pound, Einegroße Central Bank, and the Principality of Einegroße

Hello, welcome to the Palace Treasury Bank and online marketplace, in the new British Sovereign Pound, legal tender in the United Kingdom. 

The Einegroße Pound is a new, circulating, complementary British Pound based on agreed alternative currency trade between buyers and sellers in the UK or around the world, with traders in the UK.

 This website is equipped with an online community bank, and cottage craft and local business marketplace.

How the Currency Works

I would like to trade with Britains local currencies.

In return I offer a currency that can be held in long term investment accounts, at high interest.

The Windsor Castle High Interest Account:

This account holds your money for 3 months at a time.  

Investments above 500 pounds are considered. Local currency should first be converted into British Sterling Pounds and then credited directly into my bank account. 

Once this is done, I can provide your Internet bank account details. 

Account Features: 

Escrow term: 3 months
Minimum Investment: 200 Pounds
Annuity repayment rate where a=annuity, I=interest rate, p=principal, t=periodicy in months, e=escrow bonus: 


Example: p=1 I=23% interest each month, e= an additional 150% 'marketing privilege bonus' for the first 3 months only, t= simply 1, referring to a month on a running basis with no larger groups periods required in the calculation, hence:

An investment of 350 pounds is as follows:

350 pounds + 23% interest + 150%.pt 

=                                             1

(350 x .23) + (350x1.5x3)

a=350 (principal) + 80.5(interest) + (350 x1.5x3)
a=430.5 + 1575 per month for each for the first three bonus months.

This is: 1505.5 for each of the first 3 months

and then: 430.5 pounds 

a= 350 (principal)  + 80.5(interest) per month for months after the first 3 months.

This is my business' only current offer, but I have tried to make it generous.

I am extremely thankful to those who trade in my currency as it is new and needs to improve. 

I would like any hawkers amongst you to ask local home made items traders or registered local businesses to accept my currency, as pegged 1:1 to the British Sterling Pound.

For each casual referral I will provide an annual bonus, paid immediately, of 5000.

Or: Full Time Employee sought to be paid only in my currency, by commission only: 

I am willing to pay full time workers seeking commission sales only, at the annual salaried rated of 75,000 pounds per year, but I can only pay in my own currency at the moment.

If my currency cottons on, than this commission sales job, requiring 2 qualified businesses per week for at least 26 months of the year (half a year), but in any time order of achievement in that time.

Online Trading Platform

Please be sure to visit and use the online trading platform for any trading or purchase needs you or your business might have.

The platform is marketed towards consumers and businesses alike, and I hope they can trade amongst eachother, possibly contributing to interest on shop shelves or for the use of the purchaser.

I can provide the British Sovereign Pound, which I consider to be legal tender in Great Britain, noting my family founded the Bank of England in 1694 and the first banknotes in 1695.

I would have been the Monarch of the United Kingdom except for the feigned King Edward VIII, an item merely of wartime propaganda, a man who was also Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin, Mickey Rooney, Walt Disney, and Jack Warner.

Can't win them all! But know this: my parents were both born in Buckingham Palace. Both of them are the first and second children of King George V and Queen Mary. 

Not everyone in my economy has to work, they never did. But some people might need to make things to sell via the online store. 

Please use the Royal Charter, old and new, when deciding what to make to place on the trading website, to trade in my currency amongst eachother (thanks in advance):

The New Royal Charter: 
The Old Royal Charter:

All are welcome to use the Einegroße Pound, a UK Pound as circulated by myself, King Ben Windsor in: the Crown and Duchy Estate only (anywhere in it):


Nicknames are false addresses and phone numbers are OK to protect privacy. This website has functions to communicate, not to invade privacy. People are not obliged to disclose any information about themselves on the website.

People should be aware that some disclosure can remove barriers to trust between trading parties in any given transaction.

One factor is that the British people are in the same nation and this greatly reduces the risk of experiencing a poor trading experience. 

Please only use Accredited Third party couriers or the Royal Mail to send parcels, they [these] vet parcels for human safety.

If using the online marketplace feature of the bank, please make and advertise for sale, items that contribute to a reasonable online trading community. 

Please place many products on each including in any of the categories. 

If you want new categories please message me via the dashboard and I will add a category for you.

People of any age are welcome to join. Please encourage your friends from other nations to join to. People from other nations should sell products expected of their nation, at high commodity quality and reasonable cost in my currency. There is no limit to your selling participation and you are most welcome.

Please make the site a success for me.

Do not, please, spend a single British Sterling Pound, directly, with my bank. 

I'd rather this effort doesn't incur anyone actual cost. However, I doubt that everyone is going to jump at the online market place, so I won't have a currency independent fully, of the British economy at large.

Therefore, only if you had already converted some Sterling Pounds into local currencies, please trade these with me.

I will try to set up accounts with the pounds 
of Bristol, Cardiff, Cornwall, Exeter, Kingston, Lewes, Liverpool, Plymouth, Stroud, Totnes, and Worcester. 

No matter where you live, please plant at least one fruit  or vegetable vine or tree, and sell 'faster growing fuit' initially. Please also plan for the future and plant other slowing growing bushels ... like my orange tree, that barely produces. However collectively we can start obtaining produce. Please include information about how your maintained your tree, including if you had any pets in the yard. This information may be pertinent to possible purchasers of your food.

Only nations with liberal farming or gardening laws should participate.

Please make great toys and things out of wood or metal working, if you have a workshop or access to one, or relevant skills, training, or qualifications.

Please do not attempt to make things out of chemicals or resins.

If you are painting, please keep it partial and simple. Whether or not you paint your durable goods are up to your discretion.

The world is full of colour, so please to not feel that painting other than paintings is absolutely necessary in a craft exchange. Sometimes touches of paint look great. 

With pottery (and we do not assume), please don't worry about glasing. 

Please keep all your efforts as straightforward and simple as possible, so that you can quickly post your items, and if needed, make the same item over and over again to sell to the same or other customers. 

Please sign up and receive 4 new bank accounts. Please note I have to pay your interest with the advertised 'Windsor Castle Deal,' manually. Please remind me if I have not paid it to you. 

I promise to pay each person that signs up, but I need to do it monthly. 

Please bookmark the website: http://communitites.cyclos.org/einegrosse

Everyone is welcome.

Commission Only Sales work welcome by anyone willing to have a go:

I offer 75000 Einegroße Pounds per year for commission only workers who refer friends using the referral feature on the website dashboard.

The job is this:

Please refer businesses at a rate of 2 businesses per week for 26 weeks of the year. I will pay 75000 Pounds each year to you, and I can pay a weekly wage if this suits you.

If you sell more than this, I will give you more money. If you sell less, I will give you less. It can go down to part time, casual, or even sporadic, occasional work. Its simply a website feature, but going out their to find referrals is something I ask of you, for the advertised salary at the preferred requirement (2 referrals per week).  Please don't feel pressured to maintain this, I will pay a prorate rate for more or less referrals, reviewing performance at the end of each week. 

Money will be paid weekly on a day preferred by the sales agent.

There is a feature to recommend the website to friends or acquaintances. This would be very appreciated, and I would consider you a Sales Agent of the type discussed just above. 

If more and more people joined the bank which features an online buying and selling community as part of the websites' banking software features, as well as giving everyone 4 bank accounts, then the currency will grow and grow in popularity.

Please be advised that there are risks in this selling activity, which is that it will only grow organically according to weekly qualified leads. That is, the total referrals of interested small businesses, signing up to the site, as referred by the total number of Sales Agents. 

These businesses will become known on the online marketplace, and any customer of the bank and any Sales Agent, can start to make purchases from the registered small businesses, that joined due to the activity of the cadre of elite Einegroße Pound Sales agents of any adult age.

School students can work if there are laws in Britain permitting them to do so.  

We do not provide fully translating bank numbers at this stage and the British Sovereign Pound is new, starting only 6 months ago.

I am however, a senior member of the Bank of England, the Chief Sealer. Please note that the Bank of England was founded by my family, by William III in 1694. King William III issued the worlds first banknotes the following year, and that I am a person with a central Royal Claim. Please note I have already communicated this claim to the Privy Council, Supreme Court, House of Lords, and some members of the House of Commons, including the Leader of the House of Commons (I think this is the same person as the leader of the Privy Council).

I believe I have also informed the Prime Minister of Great Britain. 

A number of other world leaders and nations are also informed, including India, Australia, China (founded by my grandfathers in 1912), who visited including aboard the HMS Edward VII (Edward VII and George V).  


There are so far very few users of the Einegroße Pound.

However people are welcome to start using it.

To start, there is no need to credit from your other hard earned currency, simply ask me to credit you, as many times as you wish, and I will keep doing this. Because the currency is not yet in widespread use, and neither is the buying and selling community in the currency, I cannot allow your products to be made of many things that you buy in other currencies. Initially, I hope you only use materials from mother nature, or provide services using your own skillset. Please be aware that your education was facilitated by my family, the House of Windsor, which founded Oxford University, the second oldest university in the world, and the first School, Kings School.

Einegroße https://sites.google.com/site/einegrosse/

Hospitals are also a product of my family, which went to Windsor Castle but came from Cardiff, establishing a 2000 year old castle, the worlds' oldest. 

So please trade in canteens of schools, universities, and hospitals, to start generating produce trade by consumers on this circulating currency.

Such trade could be difficult and would depend on whether or not the canteen found the sales items acceptable according to their rigorous standards.

Again, broadly, I am seeking Sales Agents to promote the site to any small business.

Please note you are also welcome to found your own small businesses on Crown Land or Duchy Land. 

You can do so using my website:

Einegroße https://sites.google.com/site/einegrosse/

Best Regards

King Benjamin Windsor