Candle Maker sourt, Cardiff

Owner: Ben Windsor
Promotional price: 7.50
Category: Crafts
Price: 7.50 BSP


I am requesting candle making at Cardiff, on of the items on the older Royal Charter.

Older Royal Charter

Newer Royal Charter

Other items of interest either on the older of newer Royal Charter are welcome.  Please deliver the items to Plymouth, and hold them in a Royal Mail warehouse facility there, for local sales or request for export. Please first have 5 people judge your product and write a sentence about it. 

Preferred batch size: 20

Place of craft: any.

Price: 5 BSP per each item (ie. for a batch of 20 candles, 5 British Sterling Pounds for each candle). 

Preferred weight of candle: 250 grams or commiserate ounces

Preferred height and thickness of candle,  Not higher than 15 centimeters, not below 5 centimeters.

Preferred color: white, or other dyes

Please obtain knowledge about candle making by books, Internet, training courses, from friends and family, or other methods.

Please purchase the ingredients from the recommended types of shops, or if possible, aquire some items from nature. (example, wool, cotton, or horse hair for wick making.