20 Dec 2018

Dear all customers and potential customers of the Kings Palace Treasury - Brought to you by the Bank of England (founded by my family, by William III),

Please note, I am trying to have currency printed in China, and supplied to the Crown Estate and Duchies and my principality in them - more of a business arrangement that I'd like to invite the People of Britain into. The arrangement is a viewpoint that I hold about the British Empire which was strong from 1927 in the modern sense to 1952.

This strong Empire which was forcefully superseded by the United States and the Japanese Embassy system, which founded the United Nations in the US, was irreverently and falsely referred to by the United Nations, which sought, as part of its UN Charter mandate, to break up the British Empire. Terms evolved in the UN such as 'Independence from the British Empire', and UN Charter Countries' etc. In practice, the US and Japan tried to break up an Empire achieved by my grandfather, and his father and their predecessors. My grandfathers went to the trouble of establishing British High Commissions in person whilst travelling around the world 4 times including aboard the HMS Edward VII - a very imposing ship in its day, noting that nations from China to Chile were complying with us. These maliciously insiders, that we allowed diplomatically, to represent themselves in the League of Nations, later placed Nazi nations in our League of Nations which lost palace contact after the death of King George V and the kidnapping by the Embassy of Japan of his children.

As part of the theft of our family, inventors have been appropriated as US who included the Kings themselves. George IV was Fulton and Faraday and Nepoleon (gazette). His brother was Bismark and Thomas Edison and invented the valve transistor.

George II was Bach and Newton, and a King Louis. The United States was founded by George III who was also Captain Cook and Mozart.

Edward VII invented modern Christmas as it is celebrated, and invented the first automobile, a one piston, combustion Mercedes Benz, and Edward VII was Wilbur Wright whilst Orville was his son, George V. It greatly offends that the Wrights Brothers (a fake name) is being attributed to the US. Further, Edward VII invented sound recording equipment and the telephone. This makes him one of the greatest inventors of all time. It was only a hobby and besides this he travelled the world on ships greatly expanding a British Empire that I'm supposed to believe has now been taken down for a few people that kidnapped my parents from Buckingham Palace.

Our Cards are not based on machines, neither are our banknotes.

You can actually make banknotes yourselves, but I would like a running tally made, and I will set how much people can have, depending on their applications, and what I intend to give them.

I will use statistical information to obtain this information from online forms, and no human judgement will be involved. I can give you a category of amount after selecting various subsections on a Form page soon to be linked here:

The cards and notes can be printed on normal computer printers, or shown on smart phones.

People can visit and choose any banknote or card as a business header of a one page letter.

Below this I would like the full balance of your account displayed to the shop attendant.

The shop attendant or the buyer should then deduct the amount of money and write it on the paper, or send an SMS message or email to the buyer with the message 'deducted list of itemized costs of the purchase from the buyers chosen account balance.

If the shop uses 'point of sale equipment', the buyer must attach the receipt or invoice to the document.

Purchases on credit, expected to be repaid in British Sterling, should be emailed to me, the Monarch of Great Britain.

I can also make a 'QR Scanning Code' available, which could be printed out and put onto paper or onto a card, or as an image in a smart phone. This could enable 'mobile phone point of sale transactions' in the United Kingdom.

Best Regards

King Ben