The Central Bank of Einegroße hereby offers Personal, Corporate, and Institutional Accounts.

Our accounts only offer the British Sovereign Pound.

The British Sovereign Pound as been legal tender since 1951, only within the House of Windsor.

My family is very rich and powerful, but only if this wealth and power can be shared with the British Public, and other British dominions around the world.

We also seek global recognition for the British Sovereign Pound, and have contacted already, ISO and the UN.

Because my grandfather, George V founded the United nations,

issued from Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle,

The Bank of England is a current British Central Bank, founded by my forefather, William III of Orange, France, who became King of England by proclamation. William III founded the Bank of England during 1694. He issued the worlds' first banknotes during 1695.

of these Royal Residences including 'Former Residences', that I still have an attaché to, including a maintenance and official interest.